YDB – Female Fitness Models

You see these women at the gym, beach, and even at the local grocery store. The first thought that goes through your mind when you see them is “What can a girl that can run a 7 minute mile and squat 135+ pounds do to me in bed?” Just look at what they do to their post workout meal…..then you will know.

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Yelsha – Hold On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heYAviwrK1Q

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  1. I feel so sad now ;(

  2. the best ass is 1:28 (imho)

  3. absolutely perfect ;D

  4. 0:30 What is her name ? I need her workout routine.

  5. highvelocity123

    Absolutely Gorgeous !!!  If you walk into a room with a stunner like these chicks on your arm, you are gonna get some hate.   @Sifted Bleach, You have to be a jealous chick…LOL

  6. Sifted Bleach

    they look like horses 

  7. horrible music choice, where's that slow smooth jazz??

  8. Trap Gods

    strong women are fucking gross. xO

  9. More like "Your Weekly Boner"

  10. Your Daily Boner

    Female fitness models showing off all their hard work so that you guys can eat some eye candy. 

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