Top 10 Workout For Female Fitness Models

Top 10 Workout For Female Fitness Models

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  1. Fidel Ramos

  2. Ramiro Bracamontes

    Perfect body..

  3. Harrison Stone

    Who is the girl at 0:40?

  4. Nafiganado

    So many tattooed. They think this way they look tougher.

  5. christian ortiz-signorelli

    one big mistake..kick back extension???  that was not kick back extension….wow!!!

  6. :p my god.. 

  7. Jack Spratt (RedZone)

    10lb one arm row… = you don't even lift

    2:00 – I think that might even be an 8lb er… OMG.. ya don't lift.

    4:09 – 1 plate??? wa????????????????? you most certainly don't lift.

  8. Dashunya Ober

  9. Dashunya Ober

    The name of song?please)

  10. Mathias Hansen

    Girl name 5:39 ??

  11. Schnarf Schnarf

    Who else came for the hot chicks

  12. Maria Helena

  13. 777worldwide


  14. armando garcia

    Good Morning Again Everyone…

  15. armando garcia


  16. 777worldwide

    Hello World …45min. workout for lunch…Right…?

  17. 777worldwide

    No pain,,,No Gain…


  18. 777worldwide

    Hello Everyone…


  19. ProFitnessModels

    Top 10 Workout For Female Fitness models
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